Q3 2023 – Wine Club Newsletter

A Note from Katey

We’re fast approaching the 2023 harvest season and all things point to it being a lovely year. In the vineyards, our team has been tirelessly working to ensure the cellar gets to play with the best grapes possible come harvest time. This summer has been drastically different from the last several seasons with a decent amount of rainfall, hot and humid days, but unusually cool nighttime temperatures. This means we’re maintaining a strict disease management protocol with timely shoot thinning and positioning, aggressive leaf thinning, and our hybrid organic/conventional spray program.

Many have asked about the frost event in late May and how we fared. In the days following the event, we were very nervous as we saw many small shoots go from green to black. After a few weeks, the vines started to push their secondary shoots and subsequent clusters, and we started to see life back in the hard-hit blocks. We feel very fortunate as we’re now seeing a pretty normal season, but we know some of our neighbors did not fare as well. These moments help reinforce the strength of the agricultural community and how we as consumers and neighbors can all help challenging times by buying local, supporting small businesses and always keeping a positive attitude!

I know I can speak for the whole Damiani team that we are so grateful to you all – for choosing to experience these wines that are touched by so many hands are are made with love and dedication. Thank you, and enjoy!

-Katey Larwood, Winemaker

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Images from the Season

Vineyard team planing merlot.
Rose being poured at an event.