Q2 – 2024 Wine Club Newsletter

Dear Club Members,

As our farm crew ties vines to trellis, pounds new posts to replace broken ones, uncovers grafts from their protective winter blanket of soil and generally readies for the marathon of the high growing season, we reflect on this annual awakening. Spring has qualities both steady and frenzied, and the farm is sure abuzz. While we tend to our vineyards and plan for the months ahead, you’ve probably heard Phil speak of that ineffable quality of farming that resists all structured preparation. This is the mental balancing act of the farmer; to be constantly engaged with the land without deluding oneself into thinking you’re in control. Nature is the arbiter of so many eventualities in this realm of livelihood.

There is something soothing about the patterns of work even in the face of possible futility. We still sweep the porch even though the wind may blow the leaves back across the boards the next afternoon. We still set up the best possible conditions for an epic grape harvest, no matter what nature’s whims may have in store. It’s hope as a decision, a long-term memory of bountiful years, and a love of the challenge of each growing season for our winemakers and farmers alike. In addition to Spring’s natural unfolding, our Tasting Room property and building are getting some sweet attention in our 20th year. From the brass tacks of a new HVAC system to keep our customers and wines happy in the heat of summer, to beautification that sets you up to enjoy DWC’s wares in a stunning setting, we’re on a path to further express our gratitude to our patrons through our tasting experiences.

So, join us all season for farm tours, tastings in the vineyards (be on the lookout for our 20th anniversary weekend announcements), private tastings at our tasting room, barrel tasting varietal classes, food trucks, music, yoga on the lawn and more!

We’re grateful to call you part of the DWC Wine Club and look forward to your good company throughout 2024.

~With Thanks, The DWC Team

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