Q1 – 2023 Wine Club Newsletter

Our Members-Only Library

Those of you who visit us often may already know about our Members Only wine library. For our members who infrequently get a chance to visit our tasting room or are otherwise unaware of the existence of our Members Only list, we wanted to tell you a little bit about it. Our library program is in place so that we may hold back certain quantities of special vintages, exceptional reserves, and wines we find particularly age-able for re-release at a future date. The most exciting thing about that is that once a wine enters the library, it becomes a member-exclusive.

Some perennial stock includes our large format bottles; 1.5L magnums and 3L double magnums, especially perfect for large dinners! Other inhabitants include vintage Meritage dating back to 2010, the last Syrah we made from the 2017 vintage, and a selection of delicious items that never were, and never will be released to the public.

Tasting room manager Jeremy Broshears likes to shake things up, occasionally featuring five and ten-year retrospectives and only releasing small amounts at a time so that availability lasts. If you are wondering when we suggest drinking some of the wines in our (or your) library, look to the back of your newsletters where we list drink windows, serving temperatures, and examples of flavor descriptions for all selected wines. Missing a newsletter? We’re happy to email past editions via pdf.

The library isn’t online; it’s frequently updated as quantities are limited. If you would like to know what we have on hand today, next month, or any time, call or email either Brandy or Jeremy and we’ll hook you up with the rare stuff!

Brandy: wineclub@damianiwinecellar.com – 607-546-5556

Jeremy: jeremy@damianiwinecellars.com – 607-546-5557

Events & Private Experiences

Being a member doesn’t just mean discounts and access to our library. Yep, those things are great, but experiences are what really linger in our memories. We offer a myriad of events for members looking for more than just some free flights.

  • Learn to make your very own Finger Lakes Bordeaux style blend at our enormously popular Meritage Blending Class
  • Sample wines in the making from the tank or barrel before bottling and talk with Katey about where the vintage took her and what she envisions for the final product at our exclusive Barrel Tastings.
  • Be decadent while Jeremy presents and educates featuring his latest pairing selections in our Wine Pairing afternoons.
  • In the works we hope to bring back our Vineyard Education series with Owner and Grape Grower Phil Davis. Stay tuned.

Looking for a more intimate and tailored visit? Jeremy and the tasting room team have been busy crafting a broad range of elevated private tasting experiences as well, specially curated for each couple or group. All private tastings are in our Cellar and presented by one of our highly knowledgeable team, providing a wealth of knowledge and a memorable tasting experience.

Options can include library and reserve tastings, wine & chocolate or wine & cheese pairings, vertical tastings of multiple vintages side by side, and more. We will work with you to make your tasting suit your palate.

Email Jeremy to book your private tasting or find out more information. Let’s talk wine and make memories!

~Salut, Brandy Ahouse, Wine Club Manager

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