At Damiani the passion for Pinot Noir in all its various iterations in the wine world has been at the fore in terms of focus from our inception. The first barrel of wine that Lou and I made was a Pinot Noir from a local vineyard. When I state the first barrel I am speaking literally. Our first year, 1997, as I assisted in the planting of a vineyard on Lou’s property, we made our first attempt at winemaking. Total production, one barrel, thus the flame was lit.

One of the varietals chosen for the initial planting was a 5 clonal mix of Pinot Noir. As the winemaking skills developed and the viticulture improved our Pinot Noir became the go to for myself. In 2004 when we begrudgingly became a legal wine making entity our next venture with Pinot Noir was in the making of champagne. That additional usage of the Pinot Noir grape persists to this day along with our still red wine program.

As the rosé public desire came to the fore and I was introduced to various rosés of the world, no question the most appealing to me were ones made from the Pinot Noir grape. We decided to take that on as a worthy wine with a commitment to making an excellent noteworthy rosé, as is our focus with all of our wines frankly. As winemaker Phil Arras researched and applied his research I feel that we have achieved our goal of elegance and a wine that dances across the palate and portrays our vineyard in a very satisfying manner.

Whether sitting on the deck overlooking the vineyard and the lake or sharing an evening with friends and a meal or sitting in my lazy mans chair watching a baseball game, National League of course, I find great pleasure in our work. I suggest that you may as well.

– Phil Davis