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Stahl Caso Art

Art Opening – Stahl Caso

It’s time to turn off your brain and let feelings and stimuli take over. Join us Saturday for amazing wine, small bites, and art by local artist, Stahl Caso.

$2 off glasses of the new 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon or 10% off bottles. Full cheese and charcuterie menu available for purchase. Masks are required.

In this collection of paintings, I have focused on my relationship with nature, titled “Portal Farming on Rural Moon.” I take a fantastical approach to seeds and plants within our lives.

I use primarily recycled materials in my Art. Found wood and paints, gifted materials from friends and occasionally items bought at second-hand shop like Ithaca Re-Use. I feel like the planet is covered in usable goods and it is one of my priorities to turn them into Art.

My process in making Art consists of multiple layers and formations over days and weeks. Some of my pieces have maybe six or seven previous pictures painted on the material. I just keep going until I feel like the Art has finished its journey. A common theme in my work is the creation of different rooms and doorways within the piece. I’m not entirely aware of why I do this, but it has been a component of my work for years. I do like the idea of life taking me in different directions based on the path I choose to take. Not in a super spiritual way but more of a pragmatic decision-making way. You never know what’s up ahead unless you go there…

Thank you for taking the time to look at my Art and read this short description/artist statement, I hope you found it enjoyable…

– Stahl Caso

The event is finished.


Jan 22 2022


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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