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The Ecosystem Behind the Wine

A Contemplation of Earth Day Dear Damiani Fan, Some people meditate sitting on a cushion. My dad, Phil, takes his hours of contemplation out in the vineyards and fields. As I've worked with Damiani this year and asked the question, "Who is Damiani Wine Cellars?" the answers I get invariably tie a reverence for land to a love of our community. We've used "Land is Wine" as a tagline, which fits, but where are the people? This thing we are doing together is such a human endeavor. These people and this place in relationship to one another are the tethers of value that endure. As Earth Day approaches, I think about our relationship to the land. How deep, how consistent, how reverent, how reciprocal?

April 17, 2024|News|

Perspectives from Women at DWC

Perspectives from Women at DWC Women’s History Month is an opportunity to focus our attention on the contributions of women in our own industry and in society at large. It’s also an opportune time to inquire of the female identifying folks we work with about their perspectives and experiences. Though archeological evidence shows that women have been involved in winemaking and innkeeping (where most wine was served in ancient Sumer around 5000 years ago), today only 13% of US wineries are owned by women. Gendered wage gaps persist in our industry, though both wage equity and representation of women across all winery roles has improved, in particular over the past 25 years. You can read about some groundbreaking women in wine here, including the

March 20, 2024|News|

Q1 – 2023 Wine Club Newsletter

Q1 - 2023 Wine Club Newsletter Our Members-Only Library Those of you who visit us often may already know about our Members Only wine library. For our members who infrequently get a chance to visit our tasting room or are otherwise unaware of the existence of our Members Only list, we wanted to tell you a little bit about it. Our library program is in place so that we may hold back certain quantities of special vintages, exceptional reserves, and wines we find particularly age-able for re-release at a future date. The most exciting thing about that is that once a wine enters the library, it becomes a member-exclusive. Some perennial stock includes our large format bottles; 1.5L magnums and 3L double magnums,

February 2, 2024|Wine Club Newsletter|

Q4 2023 – Wine Club Newsletter

Q4 2023 - Wine Club Newsletter Welcome 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Long awaited and sorely missed, we are pleased to in-troduce our first reserve Cabernet Sauvignon in seven years. And wow, was it worth the wait! Our 2020 Cab Sauv Reserve is a single vineyard, estate- grown beauty, made from grapes grown exclusively on our small vineyard located just south of the neighbor-hood of Caywood, and due east of Caywood Point on the east side of Seneca Lake. It is only the sixth reserve Cabernet Sauvignon we’ve made in our 19 years in this crazy business called winemaking; the most recent prior was 2013. Suffice it to say that we wait for exceptional fruit from just the right combination of soil, season,

November 30, 2023|Wine Club Newsletter|

Q3 2023 – Wine Club Newsletter

Q3 2023 - Wine Club Newsletter A Note from Katey We’re fast approaching the 2023 harvest season and all things point to it being a lovely year. In the vineyards, our team has been tirelessly working to ensure the cellar gets to play with the best grapes possible come harvest time. This summer has been drastically different from the last several seasons with a decent amount of rainfall, hot and humid days, but unusually cool nighttime temperatures. This means we’re maintaining a strict disease management protocol with timely shoot thinning and positioning, aggressive leaf thinning, and our hybrid organic/conventional spray program. Many have asked about the frost event in late May and how we fared. In the days following the event, we

September 8, 2023|Wine Club Newsletter|

Q2 – 2023 Wine Club Newsletter

Q2 - 2023 Wine Club Newsletter The Finger Lakes possesses an ideal set of variables that allows the region to produce stunning sparkling wines. Sparkling wines were being made in the region as early as the 1860s. The region’s exceptional ability to maintain acidity while ripening fruit along with its slate and gravel soils that impart a unique minerality create a refined and nuanced sparkling wine. As the years have progressed, more and more FLX wineries have tried their hands at bubbles using an array of varieties and vinification techniques. We at Damiani have pursued the elegant art that is Méthode Champenoise sparkling wines since our inception. In recent years we’ve added to our sparkling portfolio which has always featured a traditional Brut.

April 25, 2023|Wine Club Newsletter|

2022 Vintage Report

Throughout the growing season and in anticipation of the coming vintage, the cellar was met with mixed feelings. The winter months were not kind to our area - a bitterly cold winter damaged buds throughout all varieties and vineyards, resulting in a much smaller crop. But as the growing season progressed and flowers bloomed and shoots grew, the vintage quickly turned spectacular. Several factors contributed to the high-quality year - a temperate and dry growing season, which allowed for moderate but not vigorous canopy growth, little to no disease pressure, and consistent small berry size, as well as some positive factors from winter damage like smaller berry and cluster size due to secondary buds pushing over primary and more nutrients and available water per

March 28, 2023|Vinetalk|

Meet Alex and Jimmer

WINES WITH CHARACTER(S) Alex & Jimmer We got the full set! We are thrilled to officially welcome the Bond family to the Damiani family. Jimmer Bond has worked with Damiani on and off since 2011 but doubled down and joined us in a new capacity as bottling manager last year. Over the years he has worn many hats with us including both hand and tractor vineyard work, and he has even poured in the tasting room from time to time. Jimmer began his career in the industry half a lifetime ago when he was 17. He has worked with, in order: Bagley’s Poplar Ridge Vineyards, Rasta Ranch, Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards, Atwater Vineyard, Damiani Wine Cellars, Argetsinger Vineyards, Sawmill Creek Vineyards, Hector Wine

Winemaker for a Day – Club Meritage Blending Class

MERITAGE BLENDING CLASS Club Event - Be a Winemaker for a Day Every spring (that we’re able), just before we bottle our own DWC Meritage, we offer our wine club members and their guests an opportunity to create their own “Bordeaux style” or Meritage blend in our Meritage Blending Class. It’s truly fun and exciting and is always one of my favorite events to work and this year was no exception. We start everyone out sampling the three components we use in our own Meritage: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. In addition to an instruction text and a blending sheet, winemaker Katey Larwood and assistant winemaker Alex Bond give guidance, viticulturalist Phil Davis talks about… well everything that grows under the

May 5, 2022|News|

Winetalk – Two Rosés, Two Methods

WINETALK Two Rosés One of the many reasons why I love the Finger Lakes is the variation among every new season. I believe that wine can be a sort of gateway into the past, where we can smell and taste the quirks and beauty of any season and understand its unique mark from our small section in the world. The 2021 year was chock full of challenges both climactic and social, as you all know, but one of the best things coming from the season was something that will brighten anyone’s day – rosé! Here at Damiani, we make rosé in a few different ways. First, we assess the fruit quality and status of each site. If we think the fruit should

April 21, 2022|Winetalk|

Help Feed Ukraine – Fundraiser

WORLD CENTRAL KITCHEN FUNDRAISER Let's Help Ukraine's Refugees This weekend, Friday, April 1 through Sunday, April 3, 2022, Damiani Wine Cellars will donate 25% of tasting room and online wine sales to World Central Kitchen, the amazing organization founded by Chef José Andrés to get cooks and food to the places and people that need it, be it natural disasters or, in this case, feeding refugees from Ukraine. But wait. It's not just us. You must read on because this is a rare opportunity to turn $25k into $100k in donations. How does $25k turn into $100k? This effort is being done in conjunction with Lindblad Expeditions, founders of eco-tourism and National Geographic partners. The company itself is matching funds 2 to

March 29, 2022|News|

Winetalk – Saperavi

WINETALK Saperavi When you first bring saperavi fruit into the cellar, you quickly learn that it stains...everything. This is a dark grape. Saperavi is one of two teinturier varieties in the world, meaning the pulp is pigmented yielding a truly opaque wine. And the color is only one of the few things that makes this variety interesting to work with, from a winemaking perspective. During harvest, every saperavi ferment makes the entire cellar smell like brambly blackberry pie, a scent that can wake up even the sleepiest of interns! Once the 2020 saperavi completed fermentation, it sat on its lees for 9 months in a mixture of French and American oak barrels to further develop. Typically, with this grape a longer period

March 8, 2022|Winetalk|

New Winemaker

NEWS Welcoming Katey Larwood, Our New Winemaker Hello DWC fans, It is with a mixture of sadness and excitement that I will be leaving Damiani Wine cellars and the Finger Lakes.  My family and I are relocating to the DC area to be nearer to our extended family as we decided that family had to take precedent over career; as their families all start to have kids, my own kids will need to be there to keep them in line and show them the ropes on this whole “being human” thing. Though I grew up outside of Philly, I’ve lived in the Finger Lakes for almost 20 years now and more specifically, DWC has been my home for almost 13 years.  I

September 28, 2021|News|

Vinetalk – Rosé

VINETALK Rosé At Damiani the passion for Pinot Noir in all its various iterations in the wine world has been at the fore in terms of focus from our inception. The first barrel of wine that Lou and I made was a Pinot Noir from a local vineyard. When I state the first barrel I am speaking literally. Our first year, 1997, as I assisted in the planting of a vineyard on Lou’s property, we made our first attempt at winemaking. Total production, one barrel, thus the flame was lit. One of the varietals chosen for the initial planting was a 5 clonal mix of Pinot Noir. As the winemaking skills developed and the viticulture improved our Pinot Noir became the go

July 11, 2021|Vinetalk|

Vinetalk – Cabernet Sauvignon

VINETALK Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Sauvignon in the Finger Lakes will never be be the statement grape of the area. It requires a longer growing season than most of the terroir in the region is capable of achieving before the first fall frost harvests the leaves. At Damiani we are fortunate to have a couple of locations that have proximity to the deepest part of Seneca Lake, the deepest Finger Lake. The mitigation achieved by this proximity gives us just enough time and consequent heat units to pull off ripening the fruit and allow for the critical post harvest recovery of the plant. The post harvest recovery of vines is a topic seldom discussed but is a crucial stage to ensure winter hardiness

May 27, 2021|Vinetalk|

Vinetalk – Riesling

VINETALK Riesling Our riesling vineyard is our oldest planting of vinifera vines. Planted in 1995 by my father Irving, my brother Allen, Frank Rider, and myself. This was pre-laser planting; just laying out a grid with a tape measure and a sharp eye. Plants were put in the ground by two people riding a planter pulled by a tractor and physically placing each vine in the ground as you crossed the "X" of the grid created for each vine. The key to straight rows lay in the hands, and more importantly the eye, of the driver keeping the focus on the path of the tractor. I have to say, we did a pretty damn good job. The vineyard is well laid out

November 10, 2020|Vinetalk|
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